Japanese SEO & Link Building in Japan

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If you’re a business looking to boost your search engine ranking in Japan, acquiring backlinks can be a major challenge. The online market in Japan is highly competitive, and Japanese search engines have strict regulations and guidelines that can make it difficult for websites to secure backlinks from reputable sources. But don’t let that discourage you! Hiring a link building agency with expertise in the Japanese market can be a game-changer. Professionals like us can help you identify and secure high-quality backlinks, saving you time and effort in the process. 

Our team of native Japanese SEO and link building specialists has the skills and expertise to get you the quality backlinks you need. With years of experience building relationships with authoritative websites in Japan, we can provide professional content with links to your site, published on news, portal, or blog sites with good metrics. Not only will we help you secure high-quality backlinks, but we can also assist with website optimization and keyword-rich content creation if needed. Our team is committed to understanding your goals and developing a personalized link building strategy to help you achieve your online visibility objectives.

As a leading Japanese link building agency, we are dedicated to delivering results within your desired timeline. Our native outreach specialists are experts at securing backlinks on a wide range of subjects and optimizing your Japanese website to meet your unique SEO metrics, such as Moz Domain Authority, Majestic TrustFlow, and Ahrefs Organic Traffic. Contact us to help you achieve your link building targets and boost your business’s online presence in Japan.

We publish useful content at Japanese portal, news, blog or specific niche websites in Japan and link to relevant sites in a very natural way

Expanding into Japan: Why Now is a Good Time for Online Businesses

The pandemic has had a significant impact on consumer behavior, with more people turning to online shopping as a result of lockdowns and social distancing measures. In Japan, this shift towards e-commerce has been particularly pronounced, with a significant increase in the number of people shopping online. For businesses looking to enter the Japanese market, this presents a great opportunity to tap into the growing demand for online products and services. With more consumers turning to the internet to make purchases, it’s a good time to consider expanding into Japan and taking advantage of this trend. Overall, the rise in online shopping habits in Japan makes it an attractive market to expand into, and link building services can help businesses reach their target audience and drive traffic to their website.

The Challenges of Finding Effective Digital Marketing Solutions in Japan

For businesses looking to enter the Japanese market, finding reliable and effective online marketing strategies can be a challenge. As a foreigner, it can be difficult to navigate the local landscape and find agencies that provide quality digital marketing services. This is where hiring a specialized agency like ours can be incredibly beneficial. With a deep understanding of the Japanese market and a proven track record of helping businesses succeed online, we can help you develop and execute a successful online marketing strategy that helps you reach your target audience and achieve your business goals. So if you’re looking to expand into Japan and need help with your digital marketing efforts, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re here to help you succeed.

Japan's Most Popular Search Engines

When it comes to search engines in Japan, there are a few clear leaders. According to recent data, Google is the most popular search engine in Japan, with a market share of around 57%. However, local search engines like Yahoo Japan and Naver also have significant market share, with Yahoo Japan at around 25% and Naver at around 15%. It’s worth noting that the usage of these search engines varies significantly from other countries, with Japanese users often preferring local search engines for their specific needs. For businesses looking to dive into the Japanese market, it’s important to understand the preferences and habits of Japanese users and ensure that your website is optimized for these local search engines as well. Our Japanese link building services can help a lot with this process, ensuring that your business is well-positioned in all search engines to succeed in the Japanese market.

Recommended Budget for Japanese Link Building Campaigns

When it comes to investing in link building services in Japan, it’s important to have a clear budget in mind. While the cost can vary depending on your business’s specific needs and goals, a budget of around 1500-2000$ is a good place to start. This amount can help you secure high-quality backlinks from relevant websites and give your business a solid foundation for success in the Japanese market. Of course, it is worth noting that the cost of link building services can vary depending on the industry and desired SEO success. 

What We Offer with Our Japanese Link Building Services

Providing Backlinks from High-Authority Japan Websites

Acquiring backlinks from Japanese websites requires careful evaluation using various metrics like Moz Domain Authority, Majestic TrustFlow, Ahref Traffic, SimilarWeb, and Alexa Traffic. A website’s Domain Authority score is important, but it’s also crucial to diversify your link building strategy by including a variety of websites. This approach enhances the credibility and effectiveness of your link building efforts by creating a natural backlink profile.

Relavant Japanese Websites for Any Niche

Our team of Japanese outreach specialists has made connections with numerous Japanese publishers, giving us access to a variety of relevant websites for any niche. Our specialists also continually discover and add new Japanese websites with impressive SEO metrics to our database on a daily basis, catering to a variety of different niches. 

Articles Written By Native Japanese Writers

Need to create content for the Japanese market that both attracts backlinks and potential customers? Sit back and let us do this for you. Our local Japanese editors make sure your content is both SEO-friendly and engaging for readers, so you can focus on running your business instead of struggling to deal with time-consuming services like Japanese translation and etc. Trust us to handle the challenges of content creation for you.

Finding Cost-Effective Backlink Opportunities

We have a strong track record of finding cost-effective backlink opportunities in Japan. Our team of experts is skilled at identifying high-quality backlinks from reputable sources, ensuring that our clients get the most value for their budget of link building. We understand that budget can be one of the major concerns when it comes to link building, which is why we are dedicated to finding cost-effective options that still deliver the best results.